The enforcement of children’s rights is a transnational affair

We have to connect !


Weltweite BIKERDEMO für die Rechte der Kinder auf beide Eltern, vier Großeltern, Familie und ein gutes Leben in ihrer Heimat.

Worldwide BIKERDEMO for children’s rights to both parents, four grandparents, family and a good life in their homeland. – Weltweite BIKERDEMO für die Rechte der Kinder auf beide Eltern, vier Großeltern, Familie und ein gutes Leben in ihrer Heimat.


Mannheim/Weiler: ARCHE macht einen Aufruf, dass sich weitere Staaten der von Mannheim ausgehenden BIKERDEMO 2018 anschließen sollen. Vergangenen Jahres wurde die erste BIKEREMO von Otto Höfler und den Germanen MC Mannheim durchgeführt. Dieses Jahr kommt die Zweitauflage – wünschenswerterweise auch schon in anderen Ländern als Anschlusspartner zu etablieren.

Kinderrechte dürfen KEINE Grenzen haben !

BIKDERDEMO 2018  Offizielle Pressemitteilung zur Ankündigung der BIKER-DEMO 2018 in Ihrem Presseorgan


Mannheim/Weiler: ARCHE makes a call for more states to join the Mannheim-based BIKERDEMO 2018. Last year the first BIKEREMO was carried out by Otto Höfler and Germanen MC Mannheim. This year comes the second edition – desirably also in other countries as a follow-up partner to establish.

Children’s rights must have NO borders!

Dear Thomas Karzelek, Francesca Amato-Banfield, Cindy Allen, Silvia Aivlis, Steve Kay, Oliver Hunziker, Chris Knecht, Giorgio Ceccarelli and Marco Di Marco,

this year on June 16th we should try to activate the first American, Italian, Polish, Austrian and Swiss city to give permission for a BIKERDEMO, which joins the German movement from Mannheim.


Speak to biker clubs to assist !


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the German Press Agency Mannheim,

in the run-up to the second BIKERDEMO for the rights of children, which is raised internationally and starts from Mannheim, we are already sending you information material and our contact details.

We would be delighted to announce our demonstration via your press organs in good time, so that more bikers and bikers clubs active in the protection of children can join us. We have just submitted a request to the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth on the current state of incorporation of children’s rights into the Basic Law.

Our data for you

1. The BIKERDEMO 2018 will take place on the 16th of June from the Mannheim exhibition center.

2. The violation of children’s rights after separation and divorce affects several million children in Germany, Europe and worldwide. The cruel phenomenon, kid – eke – pas, child – robbery [not only] in Germany – parent – child alienation – Parental Alienation Syndrome ‚is most broadly and most precisely explained in the open letter to Donald Trump, the head of the ARCHE as worldwide An active networker and manager of the total movement for the observance of the rights of children to father and mother, to family and to a good life in their homeland at the end of last year sent to the White House and to the American Embassy of Berlin. The arrival of the letter was confirmed both from Berlin and from Washington.

in German: Heiderose Manthey to Donald Trump
in English: Heiderose Manthey to Donald Trump
in Polish: Heiderose Manthey do Donalda Trumpa

3. This letter is currently being translated into several languages ​​in order to send it also to all member states of the European Union, to the members of the European Parliament and the European Union, to the UN and finally to the German version. The importance of our message can be found in the following articles: Although parents live: 8 million children worldwide in homes and contact cancellation to the biological parents makes children sick !

4. For over 20 years sufferers act for those affected in self-help groups. These have established themselves in Germany, Europe and worldwide. In this flyer, you will learn how the topic of kid – eke – pas can be seen from the perspective of the self – help group of VAfK Köln e.V.

Part I
Part II

5. Our animated film for the first BIKERDEMO 2017 BIKER PROTECTING CHILDREN – Teutons MC Mannheim … Europe-wide pioneer


6. Developments in the European Parliament: Arne Gericke vor dem Europäischen Parlament

7. Our Web Presence: BIKERDEMO

8. Our Facebook Presence: Biker Kämpfen für das Wohl aller Kinder Public Group

9. Legal anchoring of children’s rights – binding articles in the Basic Law and in the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights) and on the online press release or BIKDERDEMO 2018


If you have any further questions, please contact the main organizer, Mr. Otto Höfler directly via ottohoefler[ät] or under the number 0172 – 1 02 99 95, to the co-organizers, Mr. Andreas Wahl via Andreas. wahl[ät] or to Mrs. Heiderose Manthey, pedagogue and journalist about archezeit[ät]