Psychosocial Consequential Damage – Stress Disorders after Separation and Divorce

PAPA-YA – a good grip to help in acute need: Publisher of the professional magazine brings out the 2nd special edition

Specialized articles by Dipl. Psychologin Christiane Förster, Jürgen Rudolph (family judge, Cochemer model), Christiane and Alexander Sautter (systemic trauma therapy), Gerhard Bliersbach (psychological psychotherapist and author), Prof. Dr. Albert Goeschel, Dr. Helmuth Figdor, Birgit Kaufhold (counsel), Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Franz, Dr. Ellen Lang-Langer, Dr. Albert Wunsch, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Klenner and Almuth Zempel (lawyer)


He published three special editions of his magazine for child-oriented family policy: Jörg Mathieu. Photo: Heiderose Manthey at the award ceremony „Schutzengel 2012“ for the editor of PAPA-YA in Paderborn.

[17 February 2013 First publication on TV-Orange, ed. Wolfgang Theophil
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Saarbrücken/Paderborn/Keltern-Weiler. The specialist magazine for child-oriented family policy publishes the 2nd special edition. The director of the ARCHE, Heiderose Manthey, took this as an opportunity for an interview with the editor of the magazine for child-oriented family policy, Jörg Mathieu.

„The induced parent-child alienation / The Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)“ with contributions from Wolfgang Bergmann, Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Wolfgang Klenner, Hans Christian Prestien, Dipl. Psych. Ulrike Angermann, Dipl. Päd. Birgit Kaufhold, Dipl. Psych. Ursula Kodjoe, Dipl. Psych. Christiane Förster, Prof. Dr. Helgard Moll-Strobel, Dipl. Psych. Dipl. Soz. Dr. Phil. Walter Andritzky, Dr. med. Wilfried von Boch-Galhau, Astrid von Friesen, Richard A. Gardner – the first special edition of PAPA-YA.

The phenomenon of parent-child alienation and its consequences have been officially known in Germany at least since 1995 (1). The special edition of ‚The Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)‘ by Ursula O.-Kodjoe and Dr. iur. Peter Koeppel from January 1998 also presented the experts with an empirical analysis of the topic of alienation. „Affected parents reported how their child was not only withheld from them, but in what ways it was stolen from them. (2)

The essay published by the official guardian – as Ms. Kodjoe said at the symposium „Elternstreit und Kindeswohl“ (Parental Controversy and Child Welfare) on 20 June 2012 at the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig – created a first opening for the topic. However, according to her assessment, it will take another whole generation before the knowledge of the consequences of parent-child alienation reaches all professions and offices.

Kodjoe: „It will still take a whole generation …! – Family destruction because of the ignorance of the judges.

Heiderose Manthey: „Mr. Mathieu, you yourself, as editor of the magazine for child-oriented family policy PAPA-YA, are currently in the process of publishing a second special edition on the phenomenon of parent-child alienation. In this issue you will deal with the „stress disorders in separation and divorce“, i.e. the psychosocial consequences for family members, and look for or already present approaches to avoid and resolve conflicts. Can you tell us with which intention you went to this issue and who the target groups for this issue of the magazine are?

PAPA-YA opposes this prophecy with expert knowledge and tries to remedy the situation by providing information.

Jörg Mathieu: „The second special issue of PAPA-YA does not directly deal with parent-child alienation, but for us it is the logical continuation of the first special issue on the subject of PAS. The first special issue had become necessary to lobby the topic of parent-child alienation. In the next edition we will deal with a widespread social problem. The intention was quite simple. A judge once told me: „You know, we judges can hardly learn anything from our mistakes, since we no longer realize the consequences of our decisions. So we don’t even know whether we have decided something good or something bad. The separated family leaves the courtroom and has to live and deal with a judgment. This is only possible in the fewest cases, but we don’t notice it anymore.

Psychosocial Consequential Damages for Family Members – Stress Disorders in Separation and Divorce“ with expert contributions by Christiane Förster, Jürgen Rudolph, Christiane and Alexander Sautter, Gerhard Bliersbach, Prof. Dr. Albert Goeschel, Dr. Helmuth Figdor, Birgit Kaufhold, Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Franz, Dr. Ellen Lang-Langer, Dr. Albert Wunsch, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Klenner and Almuth Zempel – the second special edition of PAPA-YA. Attention: Limited edition. Order at

For me as editor, it was of course a challenge to show the judges what they often cause with their decisions and what catastrophes they construct especially for the children. With this, the target group is already defined. Apart from the often not very far-sighted judiciary, there are other parties to the proceedings to whom we want to show what happens to the parties after a divorce and separation.

Heiderose Manthey: „I have to swallow hard at the statement of this judge. Is it possible that affected people who have suffered injustice no longer find their way back to court? And if so, where do the affected people go with the suffering they have suffered?

Affected persons give up completely disillusioned after the 2nd instance.

Jörg Mathieu: „Of course, anyone who disagrees with a decision in the first instance can turn to the next higher authority. But for most of them it is over after the Higher Regional Court, when the OLG then confirms the district court. As a rule, four judges – one at the AG and three at the OLG – have then decided that this is the way it is. At the latest here most give up completely disillusioned. Also because lawyers then usually „drop“ the client and do not give him much hope. Only a few dare to take the next step to the Federal Supreme Court.

So it takes a long time – sometimes years – until you end up with the same judge, the one who should learn something from his mistakes. Often the judges are then no longer in their positions and you have to start from scratch with a new chairman. Still in addition it comes that after the OLG the procedure is then finally closed (if one does not go the way to the BGH). One must open thus a new procedure by request. Then the judge concentrates on the new request and „unfortunately“ often ignores the past. At this point in time, the file is usually already so thick that hardly anyone involved in the proceedings considers it necessary to study it. Thus everything that once was falls down at the back. As long as it is not about serious matters such as sexual abuse, the „skirmishes“ that are so commonplace for judges no longer interest anyone. A very sobering experience for many affected people.

Jörg Mathieu, the publisher of the specialist magazine for child-oriented family policy PAPA-YA, received the Guardian Angel Award 2012 for his magazine last year. The award was presented at the interdisciplinary symposium „Kinderschutz mal anders“ (Child Protection in a Different Way) at the University of Paderborn by Dipl. Päd. Birgit Kaufhold (Pro Kind-Haus – Guardian Angel for Children). Photo: Heiderose Manthey.

Heiderose Manthey: „Mr. Mathieu, you are sitting with your specialist magazine at a central traffic junction of those affected on the one hand and many experts from pedagogy, psychology, law, medicine etc. on the other. Hence the question once again: Where do those affected turn with the unjust handling of the law inflicted upon them and is this handling of the population at all obvious?

Without money dependent on help. The pros and cons of self-help groups.

Jörg Mathieu, the editor of the specialist magazine for child-oriented family policy PAPA-YA, received the Guardian Angel Award 2012 for his magazine last year. The award was presented at the interdisciplinary symposium „Kinderschutz mal anders“ (Child Protection in a Different Way) at the University of Paderborn by Dipl. Päd. Birgit Kaufhold (Pro Kind-Haus – Guardian Angel for Children).

Jörg Mathieu: „You see it right. PAPA-YA is a traffic junction, an interface that does not exist a second time in Germany. We move with our contents in both worlds. It is important for us to build bridges here, because although the parties to the proceedings are sitting in one courtroom and are also dealing with the same case, outside of it everyone avoids each other as much as possible. The gap between those affected and professionals is so wide that one has to ask oneself, where is the understanding for the other one supposed to come from, if one pursues the same goal – everybody wants to achieve the best for the child – but acts in two opposite directions?

To the question, where concerning should and can turn, must be said that there are many associations, federations and groups of self-helps in Germany (in very different quality), one finds there however in only few exceptions also really competent high-level personnel. Usually there are other affected persons sitting there. That has for the assistance and advice-looking for pro, in addition, disadvantages. If one wants to avoid future errors at court as a concerning, there is naturally the possibility to train oneself further and to become acquainted with the topic. Here many councellors and Gleichgesinnte, as one finds them in associations, push to their borders. From this point on, it is usually associated with high costs to approach the level of knowledge of the decision makers. Money that most people have not been able to raise for a long time.

This is where PAPA-YA comes into play. We report on the life and professional reality of the people concerned and the professionals, and we do so in a framework that is affordable for everyone. We deal with their daily problems, also among themselves. We never lose sight of the children. In this way we create a mutual understanding for the very different positions. I don’t want to be misunderstood, the work of the many volunteers who take care of the often very desperate affected children is not only important but absolutely necessary. Necessary to be able to reflect on oneself and others. But some of them also run into a reactionary and radical consulting trap, which is anything but productive“.

Avoid dangers when looking for competent help:
„Once you have taken the wrong advice and taken a wrong course, individual errors often run like a red thread through the whole procedure.“

Heiderose Manthey: „According to this, dangers also lurk in the search for good contact with children. Is that why you recently set up a consultation hour for those affected via PAPA-YA? How did this offer start and who gives advice?
Jörg Mathieu: „Absolutely. In hardly any other area of law is there a higher risk of getting into an escalation maelstrom than in family law. Once a wrong piece of advice has been taken and a wrong course has been taken, individual errors often run like a red thread through the whole process. The price is often very high, not only for oneself but also for the children involved. Loss of custody, loss of contact, exclusion from contact and other consequences often only arise from misconduct within the proceedings. Nobody really warns a person of serious beginner’s mistakes, such as the mutual accusations of the parents, losing in mutual accusations or being provoked by the accusations of the other side. One must not forget that we are moving here in a system of prejudices and prejudgements (literature tip: „Sorgefall Familienrecht“ by the lawyer Dr. Jorge Guerra González). If one operates these social drawers, one can be wrapped in matters of parenthood. Anyone who cries out all too loudly for his or her own rights here – as a father or mother – shows the court clear „child welfare“ relevant misconduct. One must already know the rules of the game in order to take even a single trick in this „game“.
This is one of the reasons why we have introduced the consultation hour. Facebook is the ideal platform for this. Like many things at PAPA-YA, we often jump in at the deep end with such ideas and adapt such services to demand and users. The offer was very well received right away. We have at least two to three competent „advisors“ in every consultation hour – these are usually specialists from family law proceedings, such as court registrars, contact persons, lawyers and sometimes even former judges or people from social professions in the protection of children and young people. This is where „building bridges“ has worked best so far. (For consultation hours: see legend)“.

Issues 2012. Photo: Jörg Mathieu.

Heiderose Manthey: „Mr. Mathieu, from which institutions would you most hope that the upcoming special edition would be ordered?
Jörg Mathieu: „That doesn’t play a role in our approach to certain topics and issues.
We ALWAYS assume that our topics will also appeal to all those interested in family law and family policy. I can therefore only consider a small wish and hope that it will be noticed above all by the Youth Welfare Office and the staff there, and then of course also by the judges, who will allow such an expansion of awareness to take place“.
Heiderose Manthey: „Many thanks for the interview, Mr. Mathieu. We would be interested to hear from you whether your wish came true. Please let us know whether the institutions you wished for have come on board.
Jörg Mathieu: „With pleasure. Thank you very much. This last question can already be answered now. Although the 2nd SPECIAL EDITION will only be published in March, we already have almost 300 advance orders for it. Based on the orders we have received, we can see that we are being accepted exactly where we had hoped to be – by all professions that deal with children and young people in their daily work. I am especially pleased with the orders from schools and kindergartens.
The interview was conducted by Heiderose Manthey
Head of ARCHE Weiler, educator and freelance journalist for TV-Orange
Front pages: PAPA-YA
Heiderose Manthey


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Literaturtipp: „Sorgefall Familienrecht“ – Dr. Jorge Guerra González


(1) Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Klenner in der juristischen Fachzeitschrift für das gesamte Familienrecht (FamRZ)

(2) Zitat aus PAPA-YA, Das Magazin für KIND-gerechte Familienpolitik, Sonderedition Nr. 1 “Die induzierte Eltern-Kind-Entfremdung – The Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)“, S. 7.


“Sorgefall Familienrecht – Ursachen und Folgen grundgesetzwidriger Praxis auf der Basis regelmäßigen Missbrauchs des Kindeswohlbegriffs”, Schriften zum Zivilrecht von Dr. iur. Dipl.  oec. Jorge Guerra González, erschienen 2012 im Lit Verlag.

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Die Sonderedition 2 “Psychosoziale Folgeschäden – Belastungsstörungen nach Trennung und Scheidung”, hrsg. von Jörg Mathieu, ist besonders für Mitarbeiter von Kindergärten und Schulen zu empfehlen, weiterhin für Ärzte, Psychologen, Psychotherapeuten, Gesundheitsämter, Behörden und Justiz, die im familialen Umfeld tätig sind – im In- und Ausland.
Bestellungen der Sonderedition direkt bei

Special Edition 2 „Psychosocial Consequential Damage – Stress Disorders after Separation and Divorce“, ed. by Jörg Mathieu, is especially recommended for employees of kindergartens and schools, furthermore for doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, health authorities, public authorities and the judiciary who work in the family environment – in Germany and abroad.
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Forward this interview or print it out and send it to courts, youth welfare offices, public health authorities, doctors, schools, kindergartens. Everybody can do something!


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