Parental Alienation Study Group (PASG)

Fourth International Conference of the Parental Alienation Study Group

Announcement for September 9 and 10, 2021: International Conference Brussels


PAS = Parental Alienation Syndrome. YOU TOO ? YOU ARE ALSO AFFECTED ? Fotos and layout: Heiderose Manthey.

September 9 and 10, 2021 – Brussels, Belgium, Finance Tower

„Protecting family ties after separation! 
Prevention is better than cure.“

Some confirmed presenters

William Bernet USA
Ursula Kodjoe Germany
Jean Vanhemelryck Belgium
Amy J.L. Baker USA
Boris Cyrulnik France
Brian O’Sullivan Irland
Philip Marcus Israel Israel
Hans-Christian Prestien Germany
Marie-France Carlier Belgium
Gerard Ostermann France
Alexander Erbarth Germany
Silvia Danowski-Reetz Germany


Program for Thursday, September 9, 2021

8h30 : Conference song – Emma BALE


8h40: Welcome from the Presidents of the conference
Olivier VANHAELEN and Marie-France CARLIER
8h50: Welcome from Minister of Justice Vincent Van Quickenborne
9h00: “The word of families” – Olga ODINETZ, France


9h25: “Parenting Commitment” – Ursula KODJOE , Germany
10h05: “Making history now” – Nick CHILD, Scotland
10h25: “Better than a Cure” – David CURL, Australia
10h45 -11h05 Coffee break
11h05: “Shared parenting: a golden way to prevent parental alienation?” – Jorge GUERRA GONZÁLEZ, Germany
11h25: “Family ties and children-adults health” – Vittorio VEZZETTI, Italy
11h45: “Maintaining the bond of attachment after separation – What guarantee?” – Gérard OSTERMANN, France
12h05: Question time – debate: Panel with the presenters in live
13h00 – 14h00 Lunch


14h00: “The malseparation” – Jean VAN HEMELRIJCK, Belgium
14h20: “Children’s suffering during separation” – Bruno HUMBEECK, Belgium
14h40: “How to protect children from parental alienation and toxic stress for their mental and physical development.” – Vanja SLIJEPCEVIC SAFTIC, Croatia
15h00: “On the informational physiology of the developing child” – Peter BEYERLEIN, Germany
15h20 – 15h40 Coffee break
15h40: Questions and answers to the four presenters
16h10: MOVIE: about post separation loss of family ties

Program for Friday September 10, 2021

8h30: Conference song – Emma BALE
8h40: Word of welcome WILLIAM BERNET, President of the Parental Alienation Study Group
8h50: Presentation of the program and the presenters of the day


9h00: “Necessary changes to the existing legal framework of rights – prevention of AP in the event of parental separation” – Hans-Christian PRESTIEN, Germany
9h20: “The child’s right to speak in situations of parental alienation” – Marc JUSTON, France
9h40: “Battle for truth ” – Jan JAMES, England


10h00: “Effective Teamed up Court Intervention” – Alexander ERBARTH & Silvia DANOWSKI-REETZ, Germany
10h30 Coffee break
10h50: “The decisive role of the judge in maintaining the parent-child bond after separation” – Marie-France CARLIER, Belgium
11h10: “The lawyer and the mediator at the service of families ” – Bee MARIQUE, Belgium
11h30: “How early intervention and swift court action contribute to prevention: Israel’s achievement and challenges ” – Philip MARCUS, Israel
11h50: Questions and answers and debate between the speakers: “Family courts about to disappear?”
12h30-13h30 Lunch break
13h30: “Preventing Mild and Moderate Parental Alienation from Progressing to Severe Alienation” – Amy J.L. BAKER, United States
13h50: Round table: “Prevention and intervention in high conflict cases in Spain”
Ana Perez VALLEJO: “Legal aspects of high conflict separations, prevention and intervention mechanisms. “
Noemí Cristina CALVO: “Alternative methods of conflict resolution: Mediation and Parental Coordination”
Asunción Tejedor HUERTA: “Intervention: Parental Coordination and Intervention program for victims of parental interference”.
Nuria Vázquez ORELLANA: “Implementation of the Parental Coordination and qualitative approach to the results of the ASEMIP project”.
14h50: “Amending the legislation to those who practice parental alienation” – Simona Maria VLĂDICA: Roumania
15h10: “Parental Alienation in Ireland – Challenges and Solutions” – Bryan O’SULLIVAN, Ireland
15h30 – 15h50: Coffee break


15h50: Question-answer and debate between the afternoon speakers
16h20: Debate between politics and practitioners: “Which legislative changes in the short term?“
17h00: Conclusions by the President of the conference by Olivier VANHAELEN
17h15: Song of the conference to end


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Parental Alienation Study Group

Parental Alienation – Evidence Based Science

Steven G. Miller talks about Parental Alienation: Among professionals who specialize in child alignment, it is well known that many aspects of parental alienation are highly counter-intuitive. Examples include how to distinguish alienation from estrangement, how to identify hybrid cases, and how to treat alienated children. Other examples abound. What’s more, the use of the word counter-intuitive is more than a warning for professionals (and others) to be careful. Rather, it is a warning that no matter how careful professionals might be, those who do not specialize in this area will almost always make major errors—often catastrophic errors—with respect to diagnosis, causation, treatment, and prognosis. This is true not only for the mental health professionals who evaluate, manage, and treat such cases but also for the legal professionals who evaluate, manage, and litigate them. …“