Psychosocial Consequential Damage – Stress Disorders after Separation and Divorce


PAPA-YA – a good grip to help in acute need: Publisher of PAPA-YA brings out the 2nd special edition

Specialized articles by Dipl. Psychologin Christiane Förster, Jürgen Rudolph (family judge, Cochemer model), Christiane and Alexander Sautter (systemic trauma therapy), Gerhard Bliersbach (psychological psychotherapist) and author, Prof. Dr. Albert Goeschel, Dr. Helmuth Figdor, Birgit Kaufhold (counsel), Prof. Dr. med. Matthias Franz, Dr. Ellen Lang-Langer, Dr. Albert Wunsch, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Wolfgang Klenner and Almuth Zempel (lawyer)


He published three special editions of his magazine for child-oriented family policy: Jörg Mathieu. Photo: Heiderose Manthey at the award ceremony „Schutzengel 2012“ for the editor of PAPA-YA in Paderborn.

Saarbrücken/Paderborn/Keltern-Weiler. Eight years have already passed since the award ceremony „Guardian Angel 2012“ to the publisher of PAPA-YA. Today ARCHE has published the interview of Heiderose Manthey with Jörg Mathieu, which was formerly on TV-Orange, on ARCHEVIVA.

The topic is as topical as ever. Children are abused. Parents are breaking up.

About the blindness of judges and the fatal effects of parent-child alienation

RED alert: „You know, we judges can hardly learn anything from our mistakes,“ one judge once said to the editor of PAPA-YA, „since we no longer realize the consequences of our decisions. So we don’t even know whether we have decided something good or something bad.

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