Binational divorces: a phenomenon with disastrous consequences

Englische Übersetzung der Pressemitteilung von Philippe Boulland

This is the press release I invite you to share, following various unexpected developments at the European Parliament, this Tuesday 1st April, related to the Jugendamt and the bi national divorces.

ARCHE-Korrespondent Danielle Huber aus Frankreich und England. Hertfordshire, UK.

ARCHE-Korrespondent Danielle Huber aus Frankreich und England. Hertfordshire, UK.

Thank you again to the many parents who helped or who came to speak at the Petition Commission.  Let us continue the media coverage around these topics.

«Despite the political maneuvers of the German European Deputies aiming at preventing any debate at the Petition commission around binational divorces in Germany, I managed to put back this theme on the agenda as it had been previously planned»  said yesterday evening Philippe Boulland, French European deputy, very involved on the question of binational divorces in Europe.

«However, it is a victory that leaves a bitter taste.  Some parents could not be informed on time and the European Commission has not been able to send a representative to the audition.  This is a lack of consideration for parents who have been waiting since years to be heard» regrets the deputy.

«The parents who came from France, Italy and even Germany could show that behind petition’s numbers are human beings who have had all contact and all connection with their children cut since years.  I admire the dignity with which they expressed their tragic experiences.  Many are ruined and destroyed by many years of kafkaian procedures in Germany» underlined Philippe Boulland.

«It is time that the family and justice ministers in each member state meet and plan together the creation of instruments of appeal for the parents.  So many miscarriage of justice and administrative errors are not the fruit of the imagination.  This can touch anyone and the Erasmus generation will be particularly impacted by this phenomenon» concluded Philippe Boulland

Philippe Boulland