Let’s overcome parental alienation together !

Appeal to NATO, UN, Allies and Human Rights Council: Worldwide advance against the most cruel unseen human rights crime „kid – eke – pas“.

Children have the right to both parents, grandparents, home and a good life in their homeland !


ARCHE sends a message to the world community of this earth. Photo: Heiderose Manthey.

Moscow / New York / Washington / London / Paris / Tokyo / Beijing / The Hague / Brussels / Geneva / Zurich / Berlin / Frankfurt / Ansbach / Baumholder / Grafenwoehr / Hohenfels / Kaiserslautern / Wiesbaden / Stuttgart / Heidelberg / Karlsruhe / Aachen / Dettenheim / Waldbronn / Remchingen / Keltern / Weiler. With today’s call, the President of ARCHE appeals once again to the world community and to all the communities of this earth: „Let’s act together against the unseen and most momentous human rights crime that can hit any family !

We are already affected by it on a large scale. In North America alone, there are 25 million disengaged parents. And the consequences of children severing ties with their parents, siblings, grandparents and home are devastating and have a transgenerational impact ! Let’s overcome together „child robbery [not only] in Germany – parent-child alienation – Parental Alienation Syndrome“, called kid – eke – pas for short.

The previous actions of the Bürgerschaftliches Engagement (BE) ARCHE, the ARCHE e.V. Waldbronn and the ARCHE e.V. Weiler i.Gr. can be found here:

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