Andrea Jacob unterstützt den Vorstoß „Jugendamt Deutschland“ von Marinella Colombo im Europäischen Parlament

Petition from Mrs. Marinella Colombo


Menschenrechte. Psychologin Andrea Jacob setzt sich für Kinder und Menschen ein.

Menschenrechte. Psychologin Andrea Jacob setzt sich für Kinder und Menschen ein.

.Anschreiben an Abgeordnete des Europäischen Parlaments:

“ I hereby support the above petition from Marinella Colombo:


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of the European Parliament,

the European Parliament intended to start a hearing about the absolutely important topic „Youth Welfare Service“ on 1st April. Now
again, a German Member of the Parliament, this time Mr. Peter Jahr, has managed to have this hearing cancelled against the conviction of
the other members, so the disrespect of human rights in this case will not be worked on again. I am shocked by the decision to postpone the
deliberation again. Children can’t wait for so many years!

As a psychologist with lots of experience about the trauma of many families caused by the Youth Welfare Service in Germany I want to
encourage you to withstand the German intervention, who disrespect human rights constantly.

The German government promises since years to take care of the undemocratic and terroristic acts of the German Youth Welfare Service,
but nothing happens. It even got worse in the last few years. This is possible because disrespect of human rights is obviously intended by
the government and the other european countries close their eyes once again.

As I did in the past I want to report about these social difficulties now and in the future. Our society will organize another public
meeting concerning this unbearable act of german controled exercising of power.

Please regard therefore the following Link:

Yours sincerely

Andrea Jacob


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